Smart Innovators: Worker Safety Technology

We are proud to achieve and be recognised as a Smart Innovator by Independent Analysts - Verdantix

Their latest report Smart Innovators: Worker Safety Technology: 

Highlights the changing EH&S landscape and how technology today is influencing how companies manage and deliver effective workplace health and safety measures.

The report introduction:

Until recently, workplace health and safety professionals have not traditionally pushed the technological envelope. From an entry-level safety specialist to a seasoned vice president of EH&S, most would agree that safety professionals from the past 20 years would be broadly classified as technology laggards. Now, due to a number of factors such as changing demographics, advances in the capabilities of technology, a growing number of connected devices, and new demands on safety professionals themselves, the paradigm is shifting. This Verdantix report takes a closer look at the most innovative technologies altering the safety management landscape, including predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, safety beacons, wearable devices, site sentinels and drones. 

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Airsweb software - ease of use Screens2

Last year, January 2016,  Airsweb were also recognised by Verdantix as offering an Enhanced User Engagement as airsweb® software provides a very intuitive user interface and Business Intelligence tool.


Verdantix Summit

Next month, 15-17th May, Airsweb will be attending the Verdantix EHS Summit in Houston, which is focusing on "Achieving EH&S Excellence With Innovative Technologies." Rob Leech, Product Development Director, will be highlighting some innovative safety technologies as part of the event programme. 


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