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John Laing

John Laing is an originator, active investor and manager of international infrastructure projects. The business is focused on major transport, social and environmental infrastructure projects awarded under governmental public-private partnership (PPP) programmes, and renewable energy projects, across a range of international markets including Asia Pacific, UK, Europe and North America. John Laing is one of the world’s most trusted brands in the field of infrastructure thanks to its expertise and credentials, with more than 100 projects in the last 30 years.

The Challenge

As an international company, John Laing Group plc found their previous reporting system unsatisfactory. Using spreadsheets to add and extract data internally was difficult to manage and confusing to analyse. As a company always on the move, with multiple sites and customers across the world, this system was not enabling John Laing Group plc to fully utilise their reports.

The Solution

By choosing airsweb®, John Laing Group plc moved to a much more formal solution, electing to use the Accident and Incident and Audit modules to provide a structured and accessible approach to the manner in which data is entered and reported upon. Currently, the modules are mainly used by the compliance team, with reduced involvement from project staff; however, John Laing Group plc intend to spread the use of airsweb® more widely throughout the company to align with its continual improvement regime.

The Benefits

Airsweb’s modules offer a system that is ‘all in one place’, intuitive to use and highly accessible. This functionality enabled John Laing Group plc to see increased reporting and enhanced supplier monitoring, which in turn, has made it possible for trends to be identified, together with areas of weakness and good practice.

'Look for trends and areas of weakness, but also of good practice, such that all issues, both good and bad, can be disseminated and acted upon.'

Clare Fionda, John Laing Group plc Group HSEQ and Business Improvement Manager