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Christmas is Coming, the Goose is Getting Fat, Please Don’t Forget to Wear Your Hard Hat

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Prepare for a rash of “health and safety gone mad”-type stories, as health and safety experts get lambasted for being Christmas killjoys. The HSE has even gone so far as to produce a list of the “Twelve Myths of Christmas” – debunking some of more popular rumours about how safety poops the party. Good on them.

We thought we’d join in and show the lighter side to health and safety at Christmas. So we’ve “rebooted” a few traditional Christmas songs to get the safety message across. Here’s the Airsweb Christmas Song Top 5 Countdown…

Frosty the foreman was a jolly happy man
but dodgy tree lights gave him a fright
when it sparked and burnt his hand

Sadly, fire incidents can rise up by 50% during the festive season, often caused by poor quality Christmas lights. LED lights are safer, but watch too for overheating power supplies. Before you put them up, plug them in and leave them on for a while to check they’re ok.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Say no to a staff free bar
If you do your troubles
Will be reduced by far…

Office parties should be good fun but as we all know, everyone handles alcohol differently. For that reason alone we advise caution on offering a free bar! Sorry if that comes across a bit “bah-humbug”!

Oh the weather outside is frightful
Putting up decs – delightful!
Standing on a wheelie chair so tall I’m going to fall!
I’m going to fall! I’m going to fall!

It is a common misconception that Christmas decorations breach health and safety rules. Just don’t use wheeled office chairs to put them up – and be careful where they go, especially if the office is going to be unattended for days or even weeks.

Rocking around the Christmas Tree
You’re tearing round at pace
Take it easy, just slow down
Or you’ll fall flat on your face

Stress levels go through the roof in the run-up to Christmas. Clients want work finishing off, and then there’s all the Christmas shopping and personal stuff to sort out. Plan ahead and take it easy – it’s when we hurry things that accidents happen.

Well I wish it could be Christmas every day
When the kids start singing and candles burn away
I wish I hadn’t put them in nativity hay

Candles are a nice touch – just keep them well away from other flammable objects, and young children.

From everyone here at Airsweb, have a happy and safe Christmas!

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